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Patient Name: Female, Age 45

Date of Exam: January 19, 2007

Type Of Exam: BioPro Facial Study

Reported By: Dr. Linda Fickes, D.C.


The image below was captured after the normal 15 min. cool down.  It shows excessive mouth and sinus heat typical of inflammation from toxic metals.

The image below was captured after using an unprotected cell phone for 15 minutes.  There is inflammation throughout all sinuses.


The image above was captured after 15 minutes of using a cell phone with a BioPro cellular phone chip on it.  There is less inflammation than in the original image, indicating not only protection, but healing from the BioPro cell chip.


The image above was taken after her use of the BioPro cell chip on her telephone for a month.  The reduction in heat has continued.  Additional lymph drainage is seen below the chin.