Facial EMF Report

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Date of Exam: February 26, 2009

Reported By: Dr. Linda Fickes, D.C.

The images below show the classic electromagnetically sensitive individual (male, age 56), with severe headaches, nausea, brain fog when in the proximity of more than 20 mV. of non-ionizing radiation.  There is heat in the mouth from radiation excited dental materials (he has a mouthful of amalgams), these drain into the lymph under the chin.  Eye, nose and forehead heat are normal.  The lateral view shows the typical radiation caused hot, inflamed salivary glands, temporomandibular joint, otic parasympathetic ganglia and a hot submandibular glands.

Ant. Cranial Facial

Lat. Left Cranial Facial


The male below, age 38, lives and works 24/7 in a wireless environment -- severe heat effects from non-ionizing radiation.

Ant. Cranial Facial

Lat. Left Cranial Facial


For comparison: 

Documented upper right dental infection that has penetrated into the maxilla (neuralgia-inducing cavitational osteonecrosis).

Documented right temporomandibular joint inflammation after slip and fall accident.




59 year old female with right dental infection after talking on an unprotected cellphone for 15 minutes (excess oral heat, especially over right sided infection).

Same 59 year old female after additional 15 minute   cool-down for accuracy and a 15 minute conversation on a BioPro protected cellphone (inflammation is gone and so is oral pain).


Female, age 17, typical teenage image, uses unprotected cellphone on left side.

Female, Age 21, uses unprotected cellphone on right side, frequent computer use.