Hormones, Breast Cancer


EMFs, Cell Phones


By Sherrill Sellman, ND

Modified from an article that appeared in “Total Health” magazine, April/May 2006, Vol 28, #1


Hormones are powerful substances. They pack an impressive wallop considering the tiny amounts that are produced by the endocrine glands. Most hormones, such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone. insulin and melatonin, are measured in the human body in parts per billion or parts per trillion. Yet even small hormonal fluctuations can create major physiological changes. As profound orchestrators of all of life's processes, maintaining hormonal balance is imperative for optimum health. When delicate hormonal balance and rhythms are altered, the body's ability to regulate fundamental systems goes haywire.

Our modern lifestyle poses many threats to optimal endocrine function. Stress, toxicity, poor food quality, lack of sleep, and pharmaceutical medications are all known hormone disruptors. However, there is one particular kind of hormone disruptor that is often the most overlooked - electromagnetic energy fields generated from cell phones and a variety of electrical sources and devices.

Electromagnetic Fields - The 21st Century Smog

Modem physics has confirmed what eastern philosophy has known for thousands of years - the human body is fundamentally a coherent, highly sensitive electrical system - emanating it's own electromagnetic field, known as the biofield.

All physical matter, including the earth itself, radiates electromagnetic energy. The electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) found within the natural world are in harmony with and supportive of life.

On the other hand, artificially created EMFs are 100-200 million times greater than what existed just two generations ago. Every minute of every day, whether we are awake or asleep. we are exposed to a constant barrage of man-made electromagnetic frequencies.

Constant interference with our natural energy fields from external sources of EMFs can eventually damage our own natural Biofields. This can result in various physiological imbalances, most notably, the hardening of the cell membrane. When this happens, waste products can not leave the cell, nor can nutrients enter it. This leads to free radical damage that can alter DNA, and may lead to cell mutation. Such serious imbalances will also adversely impact hormone ,

production and neurological processes.

The pervasive presence of EMFs eventually overwhelms the human system and leads to more rapid aging, elevated blood glucose levels, elevated lipid levels, high blood pressure, increased neuro-regulatory disturbances, and compromises the central nervous, cardiovascular and immune systems.

Robert O. Becker, M.D. researcher and author of, "Cross Currents: The Perils of Electropollution", explains that our human bodies and immune systems are being adversely affected by man-made electromagnetic fields from sources including power lines, cell phones, radar, microwaves, satellites, ham radios, computers, video display terminals, electric appliances and Wi-Fi hot spots. He believes that exposure to types of radiation once considered safe. are now correlated with increases in cancer, birth defects, depression, learning disabilities, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. and Alzheimer's disease.

Melatonin, Breast Cancer and EMFs

Perhaps one of the most serious consequences of EMF exposure is its effects on our hormonal systems.

The pineal gland, a light sensitive gland the size of a pea, is located deep within the center of the brain. Once dismissed as useless. it is now considered to be, perhaps, the most important gland in the body. This is because the pineal gland is the source of the hormone melatonin.

Researchers are increasingly surprised at the extent of the physiological processes that are either controlled or influenced by melatonin: it regulates the circadian rhythms governing our waking/sleep cycle and it is one of the most efficient destroyers of free radicals thereby allowing DNA synthesis and cell division to occur. Not only does melatonin inhibit the release of estrogen but it also actually suppresses the development of breast cancer. Melatonin's other anticancer property is its ability to increase the cytotoxicity of the immune system's killer lymphocytes. It is even able to enhance the immune system and counteract stress-induced immuno-suppression.

In 2001, Masami Ishido at Japan's National Institute for Environmental Studies showed that breast cancer cells treated with melatonin would resume growing when exposed to power-frequency EMFs. He found that magnetic fields disrupt the cell's signaling system - their internal communications network which determines how they respond to their environment. This mechanism has helped to explain why reduced melatonin levels from EMFs has shown to cause a number of cancers including breast cancer, prostate cancer, melanoma and ovarian malignancies.

It is now known that melatonin suppression occurs at frequencies not far above those of the common household ranges of 50-60 hertz. If we sleep next to cordless phone base stations, digital clocks, or if we have faulty electrical wiring. continuous EMF exposures can suppress nighttime melatonin production.

The connection between breast cancer and EMFs "continues to strengthen. Dr. Patricia Coogan at the Boston University School of Public Health reported a 43 percent increased risk of breast cancer in women with a high likelihood of occupational exposure to magnetic fields, such as those given off by mainframe computers. In fact, women who work in electrical jobs, including electricians, telephone installers, power line workers and electrical engineers have a greater risk of dying from breast cancer. This increased incidence has been directly linked to the suppression of melatonin from EMFs.

It's not just women that should be concerned about the casual link between EMF's and breast cancer. In five studies, elevated EMFs have been implicated in an increased incidence of male breast cancer. Men who worked as telephone linemen, in switching stations, or in utilities industries were found to have as much as a six-fold increase in breast cancer.

More Hormone Disruption

Charles Graham, an experimental physiologist, found that magnetic fields had an effect on two other hormones; they increased estrogen levels and reduced testosterone, a risk factor for testicular and prostate cancer. He also believes that EMFs may actually fit the definition of an endocrine disrupter better than many hormone mimicking environmental pollutants, because magnetic fields appear to elicit their effects by acting on and through hormones, rather than as hormones,

In experiments, tamoxifen, the most popular drug given to prevent recurrence of breast cancer, lost its ability to halt the proliferation of cancer cells when exposed to EMFs. The level of EMFs which produced this effect (l2mG) is found in common sources such as a hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, or appliances with large motors such as refrigerators

Neurotransmitters, a special class of hormones, include the compounds serotonin and dopamine. Each of these playa major role in moods - especially depression. Evidence has now shown a connection with altered serotonin and dopamine levels with EMF exposure.

EMFs also increase the levels of adrenaline, the flight or fight hormone, released from the adrenals glands. Blake Levitt, author of, "Electrical Fields: A Consumer's Guide to the Issues and how to Protect Ourselves," states that, "Prolonged chronic stress is detrimental to every anatomical system, including the reproductive one. Subliminal stress may effect fertility and elevate blood pressure, which can lead to heart disease and strokes, as well as suppress immune function .... even short EMF exposures, like the use of a cordless phone on and off throughout the day, could cause spikes in such hormone levels."

What About Cell Phones?

Cell phones hit the human body with a double whammy. The microwave energy which radiates in a circular plume about 6-8 inches from the cell phone's antenna, penetrates directly into our brain breaking down the protective blood brain barrier, causing DNA damage, free radical production and even brain tumors. Since the most important glands of the body are located in our brain, massive disturbances to the hormonal signaling capacities may be generated from continual cell phone use.

Then, there's the electrical circuitry inside a cell phone, which generates a different energy field which interferes with one's own biofield, or energy field. This kind of pervasive, or ambient, EMF compromises many physiological processes. When a cell phone is clipped onto the belt or kept in a pant pocket, this ambient field most powerfully affects the tissues and organs it i closest to, particularly in the pelvic area. One study has already shown a 30% reduction in sperm count of mobile phone users. As more women clip their cell phone to their belts, female reproductive organs may also be at risk.

A word of caution also needs to be mentioned about the dangers caused by ambient radiation from headsets. It is now acknowledged that some headsets, far from being protective, can actually increase radiation exposure into the brain by as much as 300 percent. Bluetooth technology can be especially dangerous.

Solutions - One, Two, Three

Protection from EMFs, whatever the source may be, involves , three-tiered approach.

The primary level of intervention is to reduce exposure to microwave radiation as much as possible. This radiation is especially harmful to the brain because it is emitted by" the antenna and covers a 5-8 inch diameter, known as the near field plume. While using an ear piece to keep your cell phone away from your ear keeps the body away from the circuitry of the phone, even this solution is not perfect Most of these headsets have wires that go all the way up into the ear. Unfortunately, these headsets actually amplify the radiation into the head by as much as 3-l/2 times. One excellent alternative is to use, safe, hollow air-tube headset which does not have a wire that runs al the way to the ear. They work just as well as the regular headsets but without the added risk.

The secondary intervention is to minimize the effect of radiation. BioPro Technology is a company with proprietary proven technologies to address EMF pollution. One such solution, is the BioPro Harmonization Chip, which effectively "harmonizes" the stressful EMFs from cell phones. These EMFs are known as the "far field plume" and produce a powerful stress response throughout the entire body. In addition, the BIOLife Pendant, another product developed by BioPro Technology. is also recommended to strengthen, as well as enhance, one's biofield from exposure to EMFs emitted not only by cell phones, but also by exposure to our wireless world.

It should also be noted that cordless phones actually emit 2-3 times more EMFs than cell phones. To protect oneself form the EMFs of a cordless phone, it is necessary to use two Harmonization chips - one on the phone itself, and the other on the base. It is advisable not to sleep with a cordless phone or cell phone near your head.

The third intervention is directed at strengthening the body systems. This is where a healthy, organic diet and balanced lifestyle is imperative. In addition, antioxidant supplements improve the immune system and fight against free radical damage. Some of the most effective include melatonin, N-Acetylcysteine (NAC), SAMe, lipoic acid, green tea, lycopene, coenzyme Q10, acetyl-L-carnitine. selenium and vitamins A, C and E.

Ginkgo biloba is the first supplement to be tested against cell phone radiation. Pretreatment with this brain-protective supplement reversed cell phone-induced oxidative stress and the depletion of antioxidant enzymes in rodents. Resveratrol and grape seed extract both protect against the type of oxidative stress induced by cell phones.

Love them or hate them, cell phones and the ever expanding and intrusive world of electromagnetic fields is here to stay. The responsibility lies with each one of us to take the proactive steps that will protect us, our family and future generations.