Breast Thermography, Breast Disease and Nutrition

Breast Thermography consists of breast images from an infrared camera that can show disruptions in heat patterns up to 10 years before a cancer can be diagnosed by mammogram.  What good is this?  The earlier the risk detection, the easier and sooner nutrition or other therapies can help turn it around and save a breast!


Two Studies:

    1.) Women with no cancer on their biopsy (surgical tissue sample) but had an abnormal breast thermogram, within 10 years, 41.2% developed breast cancer.  In contrast, women with no cancer proven by biopsy and a normal breast thermogram, only 2.9% developed cancer in that same 10 year period.

    2.) In another study Group 1 had normal breast exams, normal mammograms and normal thermograms.  With in 10 years 3.9% of these developed breast cancer.  Group 2 had normal breast exams, normal mammograms, a close family relative with cancer and an abnormal thermographic pattern.  Within 10 years 35.8% of these women developed breast cancer.


    These studies clearly show that breast thermography is a better predictor of risk for breast cancer than any traditional method in use today.

    I have actually had doctors tell me breast thermography gives a warning too early for surgery, chemotherapy or radiation, so why bother?  If you had an abnormal breast thermogram, here are some nutrition possibilities that can make a difference to prevent a cancer!

Vitamin B12:  Women with the lowest B12 levels in their blood had the highest rates of breast cancer.  B12 applied to lab cancer cells actually stopped their growth.

Folic Acid:  Low folic acid intake is linked to the development of all cancers.  Folic acid is crucial to make and repair DNA and prevent the mutations that cause cancer.  High folic acid levels prevent the increase in breast cancer caused by alcohol assumption.

Iodine: Iodine has been shown to protect breast tissue from cancer cells.  Seaweed with high iodine content kills lab cancer cells but doesn't harm normal cells.  Iodine also helps shrink fibroids and benign breast lumps.

Broccoli family vegetables:  The sulfurs in these vegetables detox and deactivate cancer causing chemicals.  These sulfurs inhibit lab cancer cells 80%.  A concentrate of these sulfurs are also available in capsule.  Di inaole methane (DIM) prevents and treats estrogen related cancers such as breast or cervix.

Green Tea: Breast cancer survivors who drink green tea had very low rates of breast cancer return.  When breast cancer cells are exposed to EGCG, the active ingredient in green tea, the cells stop growing, lose their inabliity to replicate and die.

Maitake Mushroom: The D fraction in these mushrooms not only stops the growth of cancer, it alerts and stimulates macrophages and natural killer cells to fight the disease.  Maitake also inhibits some of the mechanisms that promote metastasis or spread of cancer cells in the lymph and blood stream.  Coriolus and Reishi mushrooms are also effective.

Calcium D-Glucarate: This natural substance found in fruits and vegetables helps the liver bind the toxins and the toxic or excessive forms of estrogen that cause breast cancer.  Women who are at high risk for breast cancer have a low detoxing capacity for toxins and estorgens.  Experiments show D-glucarate decreases lung, skin, breast and colon cancers by 60% or more.  It also inhibits bladder and prostate cancers.

Coenzyme Q10: Women who develop breast cancer are routinely deficient in CoQ10 and other antioxidants.  CoQ10 kills cancer by increasing the metabolism and free radical damage inside cancer cells themselves.