This page provides a link to important independent documentation regarding radiation.

Are EMFs Hazardous to Our Health?

BioInitiative Report

Cell Chip Facial

Cell Phone Danger (.pdf)

Facial EMF

Health Risks & Environmental Issues
X-Rays and Mammograms Increase Cancer Risk

Hormones, Breast Cancer & EMFs, Cell Phones

I-Water Allergy

Mercury Release from Amalgam Restorations (.pdf)

Radiation and CT Scans (.pdf)

Radiation Report

"Reference Man" May Lose Radiation Modeling Job

Safety of Diagnostic Radiation (.pdf)

The Radiation Poisoning Of America

Wi-Fi: a warning signal

EMF Movies:

20/20 Report, Wireless Worries

Australian News Report

Global News, Tower Trouble

Invisible Dangers

Panorama Of WiFi, Source BBC

The Power Of One